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BRITA MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert Water Filter Cartridge 6Pk


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Expert filtration for superior limescale reduction. BRITA filtered tap water not only tastes pure and fresh, but also reliably protects kitchen appliances from Limescale. Innovative 4-stage filtration with ion exchanger pearls and natural activated carbon from coconut shells: Specifically useful in regions with hard to very hard water, the MAXTRA PRO Limescale Expert reduces limescale +50% more effectively than the BRITA MAXTRA PRO All-In-1 cartridges and reduces taste-impairing chlorine and metals like lead and copper. The expert for appliance protection: reduces limescale 50% more effectively than the BRITA MAXTRA PRO ALL-IN-1 cartridge – ideal for regions with very hard water. Release the full flavour of your tea and coffee. Includes 6 x 30 day water filter cartridges. Produces up to 100 litres of filtered water per cartridge. Removes impurities from tap water. Improves the taste and look of hot and cold drinks. Easy fit cartridge. Designed to fit . Suitable for all water types. Size H7.3, W9.5, D5.3cm. EAN: 4006387122959.

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