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JML Woof Glider Dog Toy


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Woof Glider is designed to look like half a ball with a flat, smooth bottom surface that glides across hard or soft surfaces. Woof Glider will glide but can’t bounce up so whereas a large ball would be pinging off your walls, knocking over objects and potentially smashing things, Woof Glider gives your dog all the fun of chasing a ball but without the damage an indoor ball could cause. The rubber construction and built-in bumper wont scratch or even scuff your walls and skirting boards so you can let your dog play indoors and not worry. Encourages chasing, pushing and pouncing. Fun for dogs of all sizes and ages. Made from PVC. H7, W28, D20cm. Weight 0.36kg. Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee. EAN: 5057693020711.

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