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Rosewood Hamster Exercise Wheel – Blue


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Here’s a well thought out hamster wheel that’ll keep your little furry friend fit and happy. This Pico exercise wheel can either be fixed to the side of the cage or stand on its own. And it’s quiet, isn’t that lovely. Little feet can run on their wheel as much as they like, and you’ll hardly hear a thing. Solidly built in translucent blue plastic it’s designed to prevent injury to tiny tails and legs. And that’s wheely good. Why should hamsters have all the fun. This Rosewood exercise wheel is also suitable for gerbils and mice. More pets at home? We’ve lots of ways to spoil them rotten. Take a seat and pick out a treat. Made from plastic. H19, W17, D11cm. Weight 0.24kg. Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee. EAN: 5025659190242.

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