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Wahl Distract ‘N’ Groom Lick Mat


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The Wahl Distract ‘N’ Groom Lick Mat is the perfect distraction for stress-free grooming at home. Simply add your pet’s favourite spread or treat to the mat, stick it to a flat surface such as a table, wall or bath, then clip, brush or bathe your pet with ease whilst they enjoy using the lick mat. This grooming aid helps reduce grooming time, and provide a more relaxing experience for you and your pet. Perfect for cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds. Made from BPA-Free food grade material. Dish washer safe and freezer-friendly. Textured bumps reduce pets anxiety as well as promote saliva production for fresher breath, and better teeth and gum protection. Extra secure suction pads for the strongest hold. Suitable for Dog/ Cat. Taper control for varying depths of cut. Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee. EAN: 5037127030080.

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