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Wahl Thick Coat Dog And Cat Grooming Brush Set


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A combination of brushes designed for long, thick coats or those prone to matting. The Double Row Rake and Shedding Blade has a dual head system which gently and effectively removes loose hair. Ideal for double coats. The Large Slicker Brush has fine bristles to tackle tough tangles. The firm pins are perfect for reaching deep into thick coats. The Grooming Comb has stainless steel teeth designed to penetrate the root of your pet’s coat and gently remove mats. Daily brushing removes dirt, debris and loose hair that can cause mats. A combination of brushes with long teeth and bristles to penetrate thick coats and gently remove mats and tangles for a smooth, healthy coat. Groom your pet in comfort with a non-slip ergonomic gel handle that makes handling the brush simple. Suitable for Dog, cat, rabbit, horse, etc (all animal types with thick/double coats). Manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee. EAN: 5037127028599.

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